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Watch This: Nick Knight's SHOWstudio

I heard somewhere (OK, it was in this i-D article) that nostalgia, during times like these, is dangerous. Sorry, but my nostalgia gene isn't something I can turn on and off, and once fall hits, my sense of what's contemporary fades. I'm glued to the computer at my parent's house, sifting through the college photoshoots I did with friends and watching Practical Magic, Home For The Holidays, and Love Actually over and over again. It's important to escape and to embrace the things you remember fondly—the warm-and-fuzzies, if you will.

Outside of that, it's even nicer to be a spectator for other people's nostalgia. Lately, Nick Knight's fashion broadcasting channel SHOWstudio has been allowing me to do just that. You can watch it all: Kristen McMenamy chatting about shooting those famous 'grunge' photos for American Vogue; Guinevere van Seenus describing what a week long Tim Walker shoot is like; Lily Cole lamenting over how much walking in Los Angeles sucks (especially when you're trying to find box hair dye to recover from an ~artistic~ Guido look that you're too scared to fly back to England and attend primary school with). They've also got Sam McKnight and Val Garland and Erin O'Connor and nostalgia MAGNET Kate Moss—plus hundreds more fashion and beauty influentials.

So let me just say what frivolous-internet-thing I'm most thankful for this year: SHOWstudio, which not only shaped my young adult years with its edgy fashion films and Alexander McQueen interviews, but is now supplementing my Thanksgiving weekend, all for the better. Thank you Nick Knight.

—Tom Newton

Video via SHOWstudio.