Valentina Demonstrates Your New Fall Makeup Look


Is there any movie scene more textbook autumn than the first half hour of You've Got Mail? Take a moment and watch if you haven't before. And even if you have, it's probably time to schedule another viewing. None of that pumpkin spice latte nonsense—this one's got Starbucks complaints from back when Starbucks was Starbucks.

But your coffee order aside (it's really not the time for cold brew on ice anymore), this movie—hell, that one scene I linked to above—has it all: moody soundtrack from The Cranberries, scarves I'm sure are cashmere, and that warm, taupey brown color palette that makes me want to go to the Prescriptives counter and check out what's new. It's all I want in a movie and it's all I want in my fall look, Meg Ryan's haircut notwithstanding.

Burgeoning singer Valentina Cytrynowicz was my surrogate for this when she came in a few weeks ago. She arrived as a blank canvas—bleached hair, zero makeup on her face, not even a hint of tan given that she's a lifelong Angeleno. First, we applied the new Generation G Sheer Matte Lipstick in Leo, which is this really excellent warm cocoa shade—a descriptor that never fails to make me want hot chocolate. It's a true brown shade, but without sitting too firmly in the '90s. Think AOL with all the feel-good nostalgia and none of the dial-up annoyance. The color also works really well on the rest of your face. On Valentina, we paired it with MAC's Mineralize Skinfinish Natural in Sunny Side—not a bronzer, not a highlighter, not a finishing powder...and simultaneously all of those things. A good switch hitter to rely on as the weather changes and maybe you're craving a new powder compact. I always do, come fall. New products, taupey makeup, and a hot beverage in a holiday-themed cup.

And that just about wraps up this edition of Emily Ferber's Makeup Inspiration From Clips Of Movies She Finds On Youtube. Up next: Hairstyles that'll remind you of the 'Uncool' scene from Almost Famous, which makes me cry every single time.

—Emily Ferber

Valentina Cytrynowicz photographed by Tom Newton.

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