Barbara Potts, Co-Founder, Saks Potts


"Danish girls are just cool. They aren't elegant Paris girls—like, when we go out, we won't wear high heels with a dress, we'll wear it with sneakers. In Copenhagen they're closing all of the nightclubs, too, but they'll probably open more... they just opened Chateau Motel, which is the place to be. I'm not really a nightclub person, I'm more into dinner and drinks at the bar, maybe a glass of Aperol. We love Aperol here—it was definitely the drink of the summer.

Some nights I like to wear crazy things—lots of color. I could pull some crazy robe on, but I always do it with sandals or sneaker. If I have a little heel on I'd wear it with trousers, something more casual. Always a little wink or a nudge, otherwise people are like, 'This is really weird, what are you doing?' [Laughs] That's kind of like with Saks Potts—my partner [Catherine Saks] and I wanted to create clothes that were colorful and beautiful. I say we'd probably make more money if we did all of our clothes in black, but we want to do it the fun way. So that's my style for night.

I'll do a little makeup look if I'm going out. Usually I start with the Glossier Priming Moisturizer—it's light, which is great for me—and then I'll do something on my eyes, just black liner or something. Or I'll use a gold Tromborg Eyeshadow, which is nice, 'cause you get this really golden look and it's not too much. And I then I use this machine—I don't know what you call it in English... a MAC Eyelash Curler! No mascara, just the curler. Sometimes I do a lip, but I'll never do both a lip and eye. I saw an old Prada show from the '90s where they had this deep berry lip color, so I'm doing that tonight. The liner is MAC Dark Out with Rebel on top of it.

I don't do much to my hair, normally my mom just cuts it. But if I’m going to something special, I'll see Cim Mahony, he’s so amazing. I'm so boring, but last summer I cut my hair so short, around the shoulder, and now I just want it long and beautiful again so I’m trying to let it grow. I like to have it up so you see my face, that looks so much better. I use Aesop Calming Shampoo to wash it, and then sometimes I use Aesop Classic Conditioner and brush my hair and put a little oil in. This Less Is More Elderflower Salt Spray is really great, just to give it a little more texture. And then I always use this perfume, Stella by Stella McCartney. It's my all-time favorite! It’s very light and feminine, you know. But still, not too sweet. I don't like it too sweet."

—as told to ITG

Barbara Potts photographed by Tom Newton at her home in Copenhagen on August 13, 2016.