Hailey Clauson, Model


"Going out is a little different since my Sports Illustrated cover, but it depends on where I’m going. I get a lot of weird guys coming up to me these days. My boyfriend, Jullien, and I like to go out on the East Village or the Lower East Side—I love to dance, I need to find a new dance spot. But my favorite bar in the East Village is this place called Double Down that the whole group goes to, which is very divey. Or if I'm going out with my girls, we'll go to Black Market for dinner. We'll talk for two hours, gossiping—you know.

Before I go out, I love a good nap. Or I'll turn on some show that I'm obsessed with—I just finished Stranger Things, that's the last really good one I watched. Or I'll watch some really bad reality TV, like The Bachelor. [Laughs] It's so bad, but it's so good. I can't stop watching it. I'll put on the Boscia Luminizing Black Mask, and it's really fun because you peel it off. My friends are always so scared when I come down with it on, but it gives you a nice little glow and it's good for the night. Peter Thomas Roth Cucumber Gel Mask is also amazing for puffiness—that one is good after going out.

I follow that with toner. I use this Starwest Body Care Witch Hazel that I found at a really cool herb store in the East Village. I'll use that after I do a mask or after I wash my face, before I put my moisturizer on, which is either Kiehl's Ultra Facial Cream or Embryolisse. I always exfoliate my lips before I go out, and Ralphie and Alice Lip Polish is a great lip scrub to do because it makes my lips look extra full and pink. Daphne [Groeneveld] and I did a shoot with Mario Testino that was all lip and we used that. For lip balm, I put on Rosebud Salve.

Sometimes I'll just wear lip balm. But if I do wear lipstick, I wear Tarte Lipsurgence Matte Lip Tint in a nude pink. I'm into nudes right now, 'cause they're pretty simple, but once in awhile I'll throw on a red. I like to use the L’Oréal Color Riche La Palette, which has a lot of colors, but I actually like using it for blush as well. My foundation is Tarte Amazonian Clay. I use Tarte a lot. I’m into it cause it’s natural, and it doesn't make my skin break out. I apply it with the Tarte Foundation Brush that they make, and it looks so good. It's pretty full coverage—during the day I don't like to wear much, but at night, I'll just go for it. My favorite blush is Bobbi Brown Dusty Rose, the name sold me. It’s all beat up, so you can tell I really like it. I like blush 'cause it makes you look more awake, and it gives you that innocence, almost.

I love a little bit of Lash Star Illuminator on the cheeks, the bridge of my nose, and my Cupid's bow. It's not too heavy, just gives you a little glow. And then the Lash Sculpting Mascara is cool because it's double-sided, and at night, I'll use both sides. I have a lashier look right now, in between day and night. [Laughs] But it's easy to remove and doesn't smudge. Sometimes I curl them. And I'll add a little brown eyeshadow to amp things up. Tom Ford's is great—I have his eyeshadow quad in Cocoa Mirage and that's the best. I'll just put it around the rim of my eye, or I'll do a brown smoky eye. If I get my makeup done, I have references for the makeup artist—usually I try to find cool party photos of people. Rosie Huntington-Whiteley always does her makeup nicely, it's always the way I like.

I pick up things from makeup artists, but not from hairstylists. [Laughs] I’m really bad at styling my hair, it’s so annoying. Most nights, I will just put some oil in it and put it up into a bun, and it will get sort of wavy and California style. I like the Kérastase Hair Oil, I'll do a little past the root. For cut and color, I have this amazing girl I’ve been going to since I was 14 in New York. Her name is Annastasia, she's at this place called Pas de Deux in Tribeca—she's really good at blond. It looks kind of Bardot-ish, the blond with the little pieces down. It looks sexy and cool.

I love that look—just sexy hair, casual, maybe a red lip. I'll throw on a really cool pair of leather pants and a band t-shirt. I want to have fun! I don't want to be in a tight dress trying to dance. I have a cute silk slip dress from Reformation that I'll wear if I'm running late. And I literally always wear sneakers, but I have these Alexander Wang boots with a thick heel that I'll wear. I do have some nice heels that I like to pull out every once and awhile—like the Stuart Weitzman Nudist sandal, which I'll wear with a silk dress. I have their boots too... They kill it."

—as told to ITG

Hailey Clauson photographed by Tom Newton at her home in New York.