Frizz Is In!


Summer: It’s all rosé and topless volleyball until your hair starts to turn against you. We're talking frizz and otherwise unwanted volume that's product-resistant and humidity-controlled. These things are inevitable—so why fight them? (Unless spending summer inside your air conditioned apartment is your thing, in which case, continue to do you.) Because texture—even frustrating, uncontrollable, humidity texture—can be embraced with the right attitude. Make it work for you, not the other way around.

It helps to consult an expert like Jimmy Paul, whom you met yesterday. On Glossier HQ’s fire escape, he demonstrated how to style that thirsty summertime hair everyone forgets about until it's maybe a little too late. The canvas: native Iowan and new face Alanna Arrington, and those soft, tousled curls of hers. Let Jimmy walk you through it:

“To preserve your curls, start with the Bumble and bumble Tonic and then put in the Curl Conditioning Mousse—both on dry hair. Blow dry a little bit to make it heavier, and add in Gel-Oil to bring back the curl and shine. If you want to control your frizz, it’s all about the tautness of the ponytail and the high placement. Or you can brush out the curls and pull the ponytail forward a little bit [photos 7–9]. I like to keep it a little fuzzy around the temple, so I’ll play with the side pieces, which is where the frizz comes in.”

Red lip care of Tatcha’s soon-to-launch Kyoto Red Silk applied via Jimmy’s fingertip and outlined in Nars Dragon Girl, for added heat.

Alanna Arrington (Mother) photographed by Tom Newton. Hair by Jimmy Paul.

Know thy frizz, tame thy frizz: Five ways to manage your hair texture, right this way.