Hot Tip: How To Get Perfect Feet By Summer


Sandal season is coming. Or it might already be here (currently 70 degrees in New York). This fact is not lost on Paula Begoun (yes, that Paula—Paula's Choice Paula), who was in New York yesterday to host a breakfast in celebration of her new Calm collection. Conversation predictably drifted towards chemical exfoliants—everyone should be using them, she said—particularly her 2% BHA Liquid that has been known to change lives. You can use it twice a day, but she personally likes it as a part of her night routine. But here's the kicker: She uses the leftover liquid on her cotton pad to swipe her heels right before bed.

"I put some on a cotton pad, use it on my face—and then I wipe my feet and my elbows with the same pad. I don't want to waste any! And now my heels are beautiful. Wanna see them?" She went to take off her shoes and prove it, then decided against it. It's OK, Paula. We believe you. And are already starting to do the same thing.

—Emily Ferber

Photo via ITG.

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