Aidy Bryant, Actress

Aidy Bryant
Aidy Bryant

“Most days, we don’t get to the SNL studio until noon. On Monday we pitch the host, and that’s our shortest, lightest day. Tuesday is our longest day—some people don’t leave until Wednesday night. It’s just a long, long day. Once it gets past a human hour, where I might run into anybody who works in the building besides the SNL people, I take off all of my makeup and write all night in a deep moisturizer. I feel like moisturizers are a little moment of rest for me. I pretty much moisturize all damn day. I use Bobbi Brown’s Extra Balm, or Joanna Vargas’ Daily Hydrating Cream, because I go to her for facials once a month. I try to take care because we’re wearing a ton of makeup at SNL, and we do a lot of quick changes. We have to go from like, hooker to mom, in and out of lashes really quickly. They’re gluing wigs on us or giving us fake moustaches, and that’s tough. So when I’m not working, I try to use things that are gentle on my skin. I went to Japan over the summer and bought a ton of crazy cleansers. Right now I’m using Chifure Cleansing Oil. I like either milks or oils—like, what am I vibing on right now? [Laughs]

Because it’s so dry at the studio, I keep an array of moisturizers and facial mists in my desk at SNL. Everybody is always like, ‘What’s that smell? Why are we hearing little spray noises?’ I have the Naturopathica Lavender Honey Balancing Mist and the Glossier Soothing Face Mist. I have all these little tricks that I do to try to make myself feel like it’s been a new day, even though I’ve been working for 24 hours straight.

I love makeup. I love to shop it and I love to use it. Every day I use a Nars Tinted Moisturizer, and then I’ll probably do a little mascara—I use Kevyn Aucoin The Mascara. And then I use a Bobbi Brown Cream Blush to enhance. I’m a little bit on the pink-y side, I think it’s because of my Irish heritage. I don’t do a ton of eyeshadow, I try to keep it chill, but I’m big into a brow. I don’t get them waxed, I just pluck randos when they appear. Usually that means a little Benefit Brow Zings Powder, and then I’ll do my Glossier Boy Brow. I like things that are easy.

On my lips I like color, so I’ll go pink or red or whatever. I use a lot of the Nars Velvet Matte Lip Pencils because they stay on all damn day. But I also have those Bobbi Brown Art Stick crayons, which are really pigmented. I wear things that’ll stay on, so I don’t have to mess with them. It’s because I talk a lot, I don’t want them all over my teeth.

I like a lash, but I’m too scared of the extensions. I’m too paranoid. When I was at Second City, I learned how to put false lashes on myself, with the glue and everything, so that’s what I’m comfortable doing. I buy my lashes at CVS or wherever. When I was in Japan, I bought a ton of them. They’re all called like, ‘Winky Baby Lash’ or like, ‘Tiny Dolly Sexy Lash.’... I’m like, alright!

My hair routine includes never washing it. [Laughs] That’s not true, I wash it a little bit. I just kind of like it better when it’s a little dirty, so I just let it fly. I use Bumble and bumble Gentle Shampoo and Super Rich Conditioner. I’m into a natural wave, so I just air dry, mostly—and I’ll put in Bumble and bumble Don’t Blow It to give it a little something. Maybe it’s like a cool, beach wave. That’s what I tell myself. But I actually think it’s closer to ratty crazy woman.

Every time we do a girl music video on SNL, we get to be involved in choosing our look. I’m always finding photos and sending them to the hair and makeup women, like ‘OK! I want two little balls of hair and I want them covered in hairclips, and I want a purple lip.’ I work with this makeup artist now, Cassandra Garcia, and she flew to LA to do all of the makeup for Darby Forever. Now we just get each other. There’s an easy shorthand between us where I can like, ‘Tough lady.’ And she does it!”

—as told to ITG

Aidy Bryant photographed by Tom Newton in New York on February 16, 2016.

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