What's Your Preferred Work Lunch?

desk lunch ideas
desk lunch ideas

Sometimes it's the little things—like comparing slow cooker recipes during work-sanctioned happy hour (a surprisingly engaging topic over Palomas). Or realizing that the lovely Cherie added avocados to the office Fresh Direct order. Whatever it is, conversation around food, and good-for-you, made-by-you food more specifically, has really thrived at Glossier HQ lately.

Of course, this all comes in the wake of our collective 2016 New Year's Resolution to bring our lunch from home more often. (Hey—we made it to February, which is better than most resolutions.) I'm trying to get my January groove back, because as Brennan recently said: “If I bring my lunch every day for the month of February, I will have saved up enough money for a flight to Tulum in March.”

That's a plane ticket you really have to work for though, and one that involves learning to be thoughtful about a grocery list. My 2016 has been about making a bunch of different things—spicy tuna salad over spinach with avocado takes five minutes to prepare. Meatballs take longer—the recipe from Frankies is so good—but taste better. But for those off days, the dawn of Maple has been helpful—there's usually a steady flow of their tan-and-yellow lunch bags arriving via elevator. Sweetgreen is also conveniently down the street, and their updated app has only made skipping a homemade lunch more appealing.

Assuming everyone on this page right now is sitting in front of a computer screen, likely at a desk, possibly eating lunch, lay on the suggestions. Specific ones that you can make yourself, ideally. What do you bring from home and actually look forward to eating? Tips on technique and process are appreciated—we're novices.

—Claire Knebl

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