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Win A Free Paintbox Manicure (+ Glossier, Too)!


Our friendly neighborhood gel manicure spot, Paintbox, is offering a variety of #glossierpink nail designs this month. To celebrate, we're giving some away! Five lucky winners will get a free Paintbox gel manicure—plus a Mask Duo Set because it's officially the holidays and an extra gift never hurt anyone.

But back to the main event: that gel mani. Oh, the things you can do after a gel manicure (that you can't do after a regular manicure). Things like:

  • Opening a can of soda without help
  • Immediately unbuttoning your pants
  • Fishing your subway card out of your pocket because you're running late
  • Scratching off a lot of lottery tickets because your lucky winning streak should continue
  • Opening a key ring because your significant other gave you a set to their apartment
  • Doing your dishes—JK you weren't going to do those regardless

Update: This sweepstakes has ended and we have the winners. Thank you for entering!

Photo via Paintbox.

Speaking of celebrations, the holiday season is upon us—discover Glossier's very giftable Mask Duo Set (and watch the video!) here.