Who Do You Follow On Instagram?


A few weeks ago, I sent out a test balloon on @intothegloss' Instagram: Who's good to follow for inspiration?

This was part professional development and part personal curiosity—as a “social media professional,” Instagram is work and play. I follow accounts with exceptional caption-writing finesse (@superiorityburger, while random, is very amusing. Probably one of the only accounts I actually read each caption); I follow accounts to help me redecorate my bedroom (@alwayssssleep). As I see it, there are two key trends: people who are so interesting you'd follow them to the ends of the digital earth (@emrata, your Instagram + Snapchat are on my roll), and the omniscient moodboard types (here's looking at you @theacademynewyork).

Sometimes there's no rhyme or reason for who you follow. Perhaps swiping through @tashoakley's globe-trotting life fills you with wanderlust when you're buried in work at your desk. Maybe it's style inspo from @thelinenyc—or @hannahbronfman reminding you to try a matcha latte. What I have noticed matters most is a good mix— @fuckjerry should always be served with a side of @alwaysjudging. @joellehyman says it better than I can: “Aesthetic: @ninetiesmoments, Emotional: @krisjenner,”

Leave your thoughts, direct messages, and tags below.

—Eva Alt

Photos via Instagram.

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