What Do You Do While You Mask?


It's not really about the mask. The mask is an excuse (an excuse that comes with skin benefits like brightening, cleaning, moisturizing...). Smear on a good, thick layer of goop, and boom—you've got 20 to 40 minutes of spare time with which you could do anything. Anything.

'Make polenta' is one of the more creative suggestions heard around the office (Editorial Assistant Brennan Kilbane swears his fancy corn bread only needs that long to bake). “Do the dishes' is another productive one. Network sitcoms tend to run 23 minutes long per episode—close enough.

One thing that's not particularly recommended is any heavy-duty room cleaning. Seems like a good plan until you inadvertently splat your face onto a tote bag you're hanging up...as has happened to Editor Emily Ferber.

There are only a few tales from the front—please share yours. Now that we've got these Mask Duo Sets lying around, we're masking at unprecedented rates. Help us spend our time wisely.

Photos via ITG and Glossier.

While we have you, a few more questions: got any workout playlists, coping mechanisms, or favorite hand soaps you'd like to share?