Bio-Oil To The Rescue


You know that thing where a bunch of people say they use something that you've never heard of before? For us, that thing was Bio-Oil.

It's not as if the signs weren't there. Apryl Mueller mentioned it back in 2012—so it only took us, what, three years to catch on? Credit is also due to Khloé Kardashian and Stacy London, who have brought the light pink (salmon, really) bottle back to our attention.

Consensus seems to be that it's better as a preventative product more than anything else (as opposed to a post-scarring or stretching treatment). It's got one of those nostalgic scents that's good for bedtime and isn't so sticky that you'll ruin all your sheets (note: it's not a dry oil either, so you will feel it). And, please, if you find yourselves well-acquainted with the magical healing powers of the stuff they call PurCellin Oil, drop a note below.

Photographed by Tom Newton.