5 Apps That Make Life Easier


Recently, after my third GrubHub order of the day, I decided I should welcome the media given title of “millennial.” We are lazy. We are entitled. We were raised by technology. Who said that had to be a bad thing? In an age where a lot of women would rather leave the house without a shirt (#freethenipple) than their phone, it only makes sense that we embrace the situation and just let Siri take care of it. In that vein, these are the apps—with proven results—that make your life easier.

Dashlane: As someone who went to the emergency room last week and couldn't remember any of my insurance login information, I can personally attest that this app saves lives. Whether it's remembering the password to LinkedIn or logging into Net-a-Porter, this keeps all your passwords and usernames is one convenient (safely encrypted) space. It even offers synchronization with multiple devices.

Handy: For the moment you realize you have no idea how to install that light-dimmer you impulsively purchased (guilty) or can't bear to deal with the bathroom, Handy is to the rescue. You can book a maid, an electrician—even a painter—all from your phone, and receive updates on your appointment as it's happening.

Doorman: In New York City, the words “doorman building' elicit the same extreme envy as the words “backyard pool' anywhere else. It's always nice to have someone to come home to...and to receive your packages for you. Thankfully, those of us left alone won't have to go without any longer. Doorman will receive your packages for you and deliver them face-to-face after scheduling on your phone. No more stolen packages or trekking out to North Brother Island to recover them.

Shyp: I'm pretty sure post offices were invented to make sure no one is ever too happy. Everything about them seems like unnecessary stress: the lines, the unfriendly tellers, the confusing forms to fill out when mailing back an eBay purchase. With Shyp, all you have to do is take a picture of your package, type in the address, and watch real time as a person makes their way to your office/home to pick it up. You pay the shipping & handling, $5 for service, and the packing and insurance is all free. It's the epitome of Uber for a mailman.

Via: Speaking of Uber, when they decide to charge 3x the normal rate because of a pothole in your route, there's Via instead. Via allows you to go anywhere in the city for just $5 as long as you share your car with someone else. Call it selective public transportation.

—Morgan Von Steen