Beauty Lessons Learned From Pharrell


Not to put Pharrell on blast, but the guy is 45. FORTY-FIVE. Wrinkles clearly do not exist in his life (or he's got the best derm in town on speed dial). Since he hasn't copped to that, we're left with these little gems he told us back in 2013:

“You have to clean your face. You can’t sit around and assume it’s going to be OK.” Basically, don't sleep in your makeup. Pretty standard. There has to be more. In the absence of anything else straight from the source, we've resorted to second-hand advice:

“I only wash my face with cold water, but I got that from Pharrell, who got that from Naomi Campbell. I heard it on a radio show—it keeps things tight,” Yashua Simmons said in his Top Shelf.

Then there’s the reliable Google, which will provide searches with the irresistible SEO headline “Pharrell Williams denies being a vampire.” Riley Montana asked Google and Google answered for Pharrell. “I’ve been trying Cetaphil, and it actually helps a lot. I got that from Pharrell. He looks so young—I had to know what he did, so I Googled it. And I drink a lot of water—that came from Pharrell, too.”

Simple—no grandiose blood-of-virgins here (disappointingly enough)—but while not exciting, effective it is. And if that’s enough for Pharrell, no one’s complaining about going to CVS and buying a bottle of $5 cleanser.

Photo by ITG. Read more Quotes here.