Fool-Proof Fluorescent Hair For Dye Hards


Manic Panic: the Ol' Faithful product of people who want candy-colored hair. Devotees include Matthew Mazur, Oh Land, Bethany Brill, and Leigh Lezark. Also: Olivia Wilde (though these days, she's more well known for her rather enviable balayage situation). When we spoke to her last, she took a little trip down rainbow-colored hair memory road:

“I dyed my hair every single color. But I’m a big proponent of that type of experimentation for women, at all ages. It shouldn’t just be for adolescents, and it doesn’t mean when you’re older you can’t continue to experiment. Changing hair colors does make you feel completely different, doesn’t it? I mean, when I was really young—this adolescent phase—I went for everything. Remember Manic Panic colors? I was purple, green, red, sometimes a mixture of all three, and not always on purpose: I had this tiny little sink in our house, and I remember crouching over and just staining it with green hair dye,” she said.

Despite the sort of hysterical frenzy that the name suggests, Manic Panic is hard to mess up. You can leave it in your hair for hours without fear of a chemical disaster because it's a vegetable-based dye that essentially acts as conditioner. It's also vegan and semi-permanent, which is to say you should feel more comfortable than usual taking your hair color into your own hands. The brightest evangelist is Chloe Nørgaard—her most vibrant hair choices got her booked as a Rodarte exclusive for their Fall 2013 show. In her words: “I always dye my hair myself. The yellow is Manic Panic Electric Banana. I just get gloves and get really messy. It’s like painting. I’ve fucked up so many towels and bathrooms. When I go to the beauty-supply store to shop for dye, I decide based on the colors available, not the brand. But I do like Manic Panic—some of their colors, like this yellow, glow in black lights. So when you’re out at night, your head is literally glowing, which is amazing.”

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