Cremorlab Herb Tea Blemish Minus Calming Mask


My favorite sheet mask selfie is of a dog. I'll explain:

Last Christmas, ITG Managing Editor Claire and I split up a truly offensive number of sheet masks to take to our respective homes for testing. We'd report back with our reviews via text. While wearing a mask around her house, Claire's dog caught sight of her and slunk off, terrified, around the corner. She snapped a photo, which is predictably hilarious. Doug the dog is my new personal hero.

All of which is to say, I've tried so many sheet masks that I can only remember the ones that come with funny stories. And beyond the standouts—SK-II being the obvious one—I tend to err on the side of “All of these paper, fabric, hydrogel sheets soaked in glycerin, et al. do the same thing.” Across most brands and price points, that thing (mainly hydration, with a side of redness control) is good enough. Then every so often, there's a really rewarding 20 minutes you spend with a sheet stuck to your face that makes you vow to use that one formulation for the rest of your waking time on earth. It doesn't even need a photo of a freaked out dog to qualify. It's only then that you realize “good enough' shouldn't be the only milestone you're looking to pass while slathering your face in sort-of-pricey goo.

At this point, I would like to recommend everyone reading go out and buy themselves a Cremorlab Herb Tea Blemish Minus Calming Mask immediately, even if you're not a Korean skincare convert (yet). This thing is good. Scout's honor. I'll float a couple reasons for this:

A) The fit: I tend to like fabric-style masks better than the ever-popular hydrogel ones. No reason beyond personal preference. This one is soft, 100-percent organic cotton, and hasn't ripped on me when I not-so-gracefully try to unfold it and fit it on my face. Sticking it on doesn't feel a weird face puzzle either. It's pretty straightforward, which cannot be overrated.

B) The formula: If you're still dealing with a rampant, runaway radiator even though it's April and it should no longer be sputtering in the corner of your bedroom, devastating your skin while you sleep (me), listen up. The thermal water that Cremorlab has built their brand around (called T.E.N.) doesn't mess around. Prepare to feel sticky after you peel this sucker off. The real benefit to this mask over any other hydration formula is the chamomile, black tea, and niacinamide combination. Redness and problem spots are taken care of without being zapped of their moisture. No flakey, former pimples to speak of.

C) The price: Affordable! Maybe not cheap enough to use every day, but it's certainly reasonable enough that it doesn't take Treat Yo' Self-level convincing. Order a few (in order to make the shipping worth it) and keep around for occasions that require particularly good skin. Or just whenever works, too.

—Emily Ferber

Photographed by Tom Newton. For more on our personal spending habits, read more of The One Thing.