What To Do When Your Bathroom Lighting Sucks


There are some benefits to living in a tiny apartment. Maybe it's a great location near awesome bars and a walkable distance from work and unaffordable otherwise. Sure, your bed may be your couch, dining room, closet extension, and main focal point of the room—but it's worth it, you tell yourself. You wouldn't want to live anywhere else.

A con that's harder to mentally navigate yourself around is the bummer of a bathroom, which likely has no windows and is stuck with tiles your super installed in the '80s. Not only is fluorescent lighting the pits when it comes to applying your makeup, it also makes your Sunday Riley bottles look no different than your drugstore off-brand cleanser. And we can't have that.

The solution is not moving to the suburbs where the air is clean and the light is perennially beautiful. All you need is a little light reorganization. Leigh Lezark explains:

“I hate leaving everything in the bathroom, so I keep most things in my bedroom and store backups in my bathroom. The lighting in there is awful—it's worse than airplane bathroom lighting. The globe bar that I keep my makeup in came from Sophia Lamar—she bought it for me for my birthday.”

Garance Doré takes it one step further: “The lighting in my bathroom isn’t great, which is why I have all of my stuff spread out all over the apartment. During fashion week, I'll gather everything I use on the windowsill in my guest room because it gets the most light. I have to have all of my products together there, and I also have my magnifying mirror. “

Stars—they’re just like us! They, too, have to deal with awful bathroom lighting. It's all the more reason to invest in a really pretty tray. Think of it as the quick fix before you land your dream home.

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