Now Burning: Jonathan Adler Muse Blanc


Sure, the Jonathan Adler Muse Blanc candle smells great. Like a really beautiful bouquet of freshly cut flowers—a scent reminiscent of expensive hotel lobbies, French department stores, and walls at the Kardashian-West estate. Which is to say, it's tremendously enjoyable no matter your scent preference. But what's really worth writing home about here is the accompanying ceramic. Covered in a serene, sphinx-like wheel of faces, it's a bit hypnotic on first glance, then spin (you'll spin it; it asks to be spun). So really, while the wax portion of the candle is certainly purchasable on its own merits, consider it a BOGO. A pretty ceramic bowl (a conversation piece, really) along with a candle. Or hours of free smells with purchase of a ceramic bowl. Whichever you're more comfortable with.

Speaking of faces, in the name of this week's giveaway, let's chat about what keeps yours from melting—heat-proof gels, sweat-proof primers, humidity-proof blotting papers, whatever. Oh, and with comment, you'll be entered to win a Muse Blanc candle of your own (make sure to have a registered Disqus username and a US shipping address). Share away!

*Update: A winner has been chosen! Thanks for participating. Great talk, guys.