Now Burning: Nars Oran Candle


It's important to note that the Nars Oran candle absolutely, totally, zero-percent, does not smell like food. Food-smelling candles are a deal breaker. That being said, what sets the Oran apart from your typical good-smelling candle, rife with gardenia, tuberose, and jasmine, sounds more like something you might order from Sweetgreen: “balsamic undertones' and a “leafy green' finish, according to the candle's description. A more skilled olfactory system may be required to pick out those particular scents while burning the Oran, but either way, consider this the candle to light when one can not possibly digest one more bite of kale for the day.

In the spirit of most people's responses to prestige candle prices, let's talk in the comments below about the splurgiest beauty purchase you've happily made—and why it was worth it. Then, ITG will randomly choose a commenter to gift with an Oran candle to enjoy IRL. YES. Two caveats: you must be a registered Disqus user (signing up is painless), and you must have a US shipping address.

*Update: A winner has been chosen! Thanks for participating. Great talk, guys.