Cotton Balls Are Over


If you really think about it, S.W. Basics Eco Cotton Rounds are just highly concentrated versions of your average cotton ball—like, if the spinning machine was programmed to weave the stuff into fabric instead of fluffing it into a miniature cloud. The real difference is that using the rounds is like wiping your face with good karma every day: they're reusable (machine-washable), organic, and will actually keep you from wasting product, as the fluffy ball versions just soak up exorbitant amounts of whatever toner/makeup remover/liquid-y lotion you pour into them rather than serving as the soft, friendly vehicle for delivering the product to your skin. The only drawback is the S.W. Basics Rounds are not meant for nail-polish removal. As for that, you'll just have to plant a sapling every time you switch from Chinchilly to Java Mauve-A. It's the least you can do.

Photo by Annie Kreighbaum.