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Video: Wayne Goss' Tutorial For Smoky, Hooded Eyes

Without giving away too much (because this deserves its own post), while backstage during fashion week, a model friend told us that she showers her way to a perfect smoky eye. So simple, right? It's almost like, for some women, the look is as easy as eating a sleeve of Oreos while watching Girls and smudging the remaining cookie dust on their lash lines. A smoky eye, itself, exudes a sort of 'I woke up like this' nonchalance, making its execution a deceptively challenging task. If you can master it with little effort, a gold star for you. Seriously. But for everyone struggling with kohl and smudge brush, stop to consider the shape of your eyes. Look in the mirror—can you see your eyelid skin above your lash line? Or is it mostly covered by the skin at your brow bone, above the crease? If the second case is true, you have what are known as “hooded eyes,” and the news that the reigning king of the YouTube beauty scene, Wayne Goss, has posted a smoky eye tutorial geared specifically toward those without plenty of lid space to spare might just validate (and end) your frustrations.