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Whitney Port Had The Original Elegant Oscars Fall

Falling is embarrassing no matter your audience. Sure, there is that bit of self-shame felt immediately after tripping over your bed frame, where you just lie on the ground for one extra beat absorbing the humiliation that no one witnessed (unless you have a cat, in which case, it will never let you live it down—respect: lost). And while many of us have had the unfortunate mortification of the public face-plant, few of us have ever experienced tripping on national television, with the whole world not only watching the live broadcast on daytime TV, but your sorrowful tale recounted for shame-hungry teenagers on an MTV reality show.

But that’s what happened to Whitney Port. On Good Morning America...and then The Hills. In front of Andre Leon Talley... and Emily Weiss. In Hilary Swank’s Guy Laroche Oscars dress. Tough break, Whit. But to her credit, she got up again, because nothing is going to keep Whitney Port down.

So in preparation for this weekend’s Oscars, let’s revisit the fall that shocked high school girls around the world. Between Whitney and J-Law, you never know who’s going to take a tumble this year.

P.S. We have insider confirmation that, contrary to popular conspiratorial theory, Emily Weiss did not trip Ms. Port.