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Pati Dubroff Aqua Tint Innovative Liquid Lip Gloss

Pati Dubroff
Pati Dubroff
Pati Dubroff
Pati Dubroff
Pati Dubroff
Pati Dubroff

Not that you needed extra incentive to shop at Costco (free sample day, cheap drinks, frozen potstickers, cozy slippers, lifetime supplies of toothpaste, diamonds), but the one-stop-and-you’re-set-for-eternity shop now stocks...exclusive beauty products! And they’re good.

Take Pati Dubroff’s Aqua Tint Innovative Liquid Lip Glosses. Lip gloss gets a bad rap, but we say this isn't your average fly-catching goop. The color is less dramatic and less cake-y than a lipstick, more moisturizing than a stain, with a sheen rather than a shine. And after it dries (approx. 20 minutes), it’s not budging—not on your your wine/coffee/water glass, or in your hair.

Packaged as a set of four shades—blush-pink Poppy, wine-stained Violet, tawny Rose, and nearly-sheer bubblegum Peony— the gloss' satin finish is so light you’ll forget you’re even wearing it. And until Nars releases the product Francelle Daly used on the 3.1 Phillip Lim Spring 2014 models, we suggest applying Peony with your fingers for Daly's “barely there” lip to accompany your new “techno glow.” Or simply use your fingers with any of the shades to, as Daly suggests, “calm down pigment that's too opaque.” Got it? Good.

Photos by Mathea Millman.

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