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Bobbi Brown's 'How-To: Classic Eye Makeup'

Bobbi Brown Classic Eyes
Bobbi Brown Classic Eyes

There's really nothing more aspirational in beauty than the “me, but better” approach to makeup. But, as we all know, it can take a lot to look this good. Well, isn’t it our lucky day, then, because the master of makeup simplicity (and industry titan) Bobbi Brown has segued from those at-home cosmetic tomes we devoured in grade school (_ Bobbi Brown Makeup Manual,_ Bobbi Brown Teenage Beauty) to online tutorials.

In our favorite video, Bobbi tackles a classic eye “that always works.” This chic, simple, and clean lesson showcases the brand's hyper-natural aesthetics with demonstrations and offers up some trade tips that you really can’t screw up at home. And though it’s a company-produced tutorial, it steers refreshingly clear from product pushing. What a classy babe. Check out the video below and be prepared to dive down her less-is-more rabbit hole.