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Lisa Eldridge's 'Baby Bardot Makeup Look'

Lisa Eldridge Baby Bardot
Lisa Eldridge Baby Bardot

Lisa Eldridge has won us over yet again with another flawlessly executed makeup tutorial. This time, though, she's using a fresh-faced model rather than her own pretty mug to demonstrate her new spring look, inspired by a young Brigitte Bardot (and a recent Kate Winslet Bazaar cover she worked on). And while it is easy to get lost in Eldridge’s video collection—trust us, we have—this one stands out as a great idea for the season upon us—no, not spring (though, yes, that, too), but prom and wedding season!

Anyone who's gone through the over-hyped experience of prom can appreciate Lisa's pared-down look: no glitter eyeshadow, no lip gloss, no corkscrew sideburn curls. And for those of you with nuptials to attend this spring/summer, Eldridge has got the answer, and no Kardashian-level technical skills are required. Sure, the video is not aimed specifically at these events, but we here at ITG have decided that the “Baby Bardot” is the perfect un-statement statement. Just a simple, healthy face, perfect cat eye, lush lashes, and a rosy-nude lip. Plus, in the end, even if there is nothing super special coming up on your calendar, it never hurts to look like one of the original blonde bombshells (though we advise leaving the French accent at the door).