Elizabeth's Reverse "Heidi Braids"

Hey guys,

It was early one March morning in the middle of Fashion Month that I found myself all dressed and made up with some time to spare before leaving for work. I thought to myself, 'Why not do something crazy with your hair? You work at a beauty website; be daring!' And so I listened to my inner monologue, sat back on my bed for a few more minutes, and began to braid away. I waltzed to work with a new spring in my step and shortly thereafter caught the attention of a certain fellow Gloss-er, who 'grammed my braids. The new 'do, inspired by the hair at Viktor & Rolf Fall 2013, seemed to get several people, Emily included, wondering how to do the style themselves. So, from me to you: sit back, watch the video, hopefully learn a tip or two, and wear them braids from here to the hillsides!

xoxo Elizabeth