Proenza Nails!

Remember Madeline Poole? Well, it turns out the up-and-coming LA-based nail artist is BFF with our friend, Jen Brill, the all-around cool chick and creative consultant for Proenza Schouler. When we discovered this fact, we gave the pair a project: to translate one of the black-and-white prints from the Proenza Fall 2013 show into wearable nail art, something you could DIY. As it turns out, all you really need is: white polish, black polish, and a striping brush. Much cheaper than, say, the outfit in question. And available immediately! Not to mention it's neutral, which means your hands won't clash with your fluoro-on-Saturday, floral-on-Sunday wardrobe plans. So have a look, assemble the goods, and BYOBF (bring your own best friend).