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"I pretty much keep it simple. There are things that I’m nuts about, like the shampoo and moisturizer I use, but aside from that it’s pretty bare bones. In the morning I wash my face with Cetaphil, which is the most simple cleanser ever. I use Amore Pacific moisturizer. My friend Jeanine Lobell introduced me to that line and it’s incredible.Then I use the Chanel Teint Innocence compact foundation just to cover spots, and TONS of mascara—Chanel Inimitable Intense. At night I’ll do the bottom lashes too and make crazy spider legs. It takes me at least ten minutes every day to put on my mascara. Ten minutes, literally—I paint each lash. I’d never do lash extensions though; too fussy.

Anything that requires maintenance I don’t do—like I’d love to color my hair but realistically I’m not going every two months to get root touch ups; that’s not happening. So then I’ll do a bit of rouge, it’s this pink Chanel one. I used to use brownish rouge and Jeanine was like, ‘No, don’t use brown, it picks up discoloration in your skin,’ so I started using pink. I use a lot of Chanel makeup—I love the packaging, I love the color palette, it just works the best for me. But I also love MAC Ruby Woo, I’ve been wearing it forever. It doesn’t move—Ruby Woo will not leave your mouth. I can eat steak and mashed potatoes and it’s still there. And I just started using this Shu Uemura lip liner, just their red, and it’s amazing. For evening, NARS and Chanel have these cream eye shadows, Chanel’s are in a bottle, and I’ll use a bronze or a gold or silver and just smudge it on. I love them. I wear Chanel 'Beige' fragrance most of the time, but another thing I started doing is wearing Old Spice deodorant. Every man I've ever loved wears Old Spice...I love the smell of it.

For my hair, I strictly use René Furterer. I used to use J.F. Lazartigue as well but [C.O.] Bigelow stopped carrying them. Now I don’t know where to find it, and it’s too weird for me to order shampoo off the internet. My hair’s pretty straight so sometimes at night if I have time, I’ll put it up into two buns when it’s still wet and use Bumble and Bumble Surf Spray, spritz it, let it dry and take it down, and that’s my hairdo. I call them my ‘Party Buns’. I’ve had friends come over before we go out and they’re like, ‘You look like Björk, you’re not going out like that.’ And I’m like, ‘No, these are my Party Buns!’

I’m really lucky because I’m a photo agent and a stylist agent so I’m always on shoots with makeup artists and hairdressers and I love beauty and hearing about people’s tricks and tips. For instance Frank B., he told me about the Shu Uemura lip liner. Whenever I’m on set with someone I’m like, [whispers] ‘Tell me a trick!’ Like Dennis Lanni, he’s been cutting my hair for eight or nine years, and he taught me how to do my Party Buns. I can’t deal with going into a salon so I just hi-jack a haircut. I text him and say, ‘Are you shooting this week?’ And he’ll say, ‘Yeah, come by the studio,’ so I’ll go after whatever shoot he’s doing. He’s great because he’s not fussy—he just gives me the perfect ‘nothing’ haircut.

I go to Christine Chin every six weeks or so for a facial. I rotate between her and Ingrid, but Ingrid’s really my main chick and I’ll see Christine every three or four times. You go there and get hardcore extractions. And that’s the only thing that’s ever worked for my skin. I had really great skin my whole life until my early 20’s when it really broke out. And Christine Chin is the only thing I’ve done that’s fixed it. They squeeze every single pore. And for days afterward you look insane, but a week later you look like…Gisele. [Laughs] Another thing that I do religiously—I’m so scared of looking matte so I always mist my face with something, like Jurlique Citrus Purifying Mist. My greatest fear is to look matte.

I just went to Valley on Elizabeth and saw Maki who does Sally [Singer’s] nails. I got a red manicure with burgundy, bronzy glitter. I was too scared to experiment with the gel. But usually I go to Spazio on Mott Street and see this woman Joanna. She’s really, really, really good. In a perfect world I would go to Joanna and get my nails painted red and then I’d go to Maki and get the design. There’s this place in LA called C T Nails, it’s across the street from Whole Foods in West Hollywood, they do the best airbrushing in the whole entire world. Layered stars, crosses, flames, skulls, Chanel symbols, everything you could imagine. He could even airbrush the baby toenail. I call him Genius but his name’s Peter. If you ever go in there and ask for Genius, then he’ll know you’re my friend.”

—as told to ITG

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  • amelia

    love the chanel nail polishes and using the diptyque candle as a pencil cup

  • debbie

    fantastic post!

  • Amanda

    ahhh I love Jen! Thanks for posting : )

  • Sylwia

    Wonderful post and a fantastic blog! Pleeeease keep it up; it is so... real!

  • Kate

    i absolutely love this post and im about to get a bunch of stuff mentioned.

    oh and did i mention. i love your blog! im in love with anything beauty and fashion and i love "insider" tips and suggestions. so thank yoouuuu!


    your blog is, without a doubt, the best beauty blog out there - and these top shelf posts are the best! keep up the great work...and i'll keep obsessively checking for new stuff :)

    • Andrzej Malicki

      Very helpfull :)

  • Alex

    love it. great blog -- fantastic how these profiles are not sized down to a series of editorial sound bites but are in their own words, at their own flow.

  • c*

    I just love this section and I can't seem to get enough of it!


  • jLA

    also love the blog very much!!

    but Im sorry Cetaphil is not "simple" at all, it has 3 different parabens in it, among other potentially toxic ingredients. Dont understand why it gets so much love, gotta be better more natural inexpensive cleansers out there...

    anyway, that's just a pet peeve of mine, keep you the great work


    • Guest

      How are parabens complicated?

    • annaholland

      How are parabens bad?


    as many have said, i just adore your site! thank you, thank you, and keep these top shelf posts coming - they're my faves <3

  • Sarah

    THank you SO much for getting all of these wonderful interviews and finding out what products these beautiful women use!! Jen Brill's gorgeous. Thanks!

  • MadrasGypsy

    I loved reading this post. I agree with what the other comments mentioned- the ability to hear someone's voice, and get their tips, etc. is exciting and feels very unmanufactured.
    Jen Brill comes across as adorable and very down to earth.

  • nicole b.

    "Party buns" - too cute! I, too, have stick-straight hair that barely holds a curl. I'm gonna borrow your patented party-bun technique! Thanks for the inspiration. xo.

  • Tania

    She has a lovely Chanel-stocked beauty cabinet, but isn't she one of their brand ambassadors? I feel like it's a little misleading to show her as an advocate of the brand's products if she's intended to promote them. She's a great beauty with amazing style but full disclosure would be ideal.

    • admin

      Hi Tania, thanks for your comment.

      Yes, Jen is affiliated with Chanel, I'm unsure to what degree, but she also uses products from all sorts of other brands and my profile is meant to be about her and her routines. Many other posts on ITG include Chanel, but that's because a lot of the girls I feature (including myself) love it. Rest assured that any sponsored posts will always provide disclosure.


  • tinsley

    i admire jen brill.shes very interesting person with that striking aplomb and all..this is a nice blog also

  • Margo

    its funny that Jen fears matte and I fear dew. I don't want any shine, mist, dewy, anything on my face. Its matte all the way for me. BTW I love this section as well, it seems a lot of people have similar low maintenance day routines for the "no makeup" makeup look

  • Ali O.

    what does she do exactly?

  • Peter

    the last idea is nice. thanks for the inspiration!

  • N.E. Youness

    Just wanna say I'm doing party buns now like a crack addict does crack

  • Diana Est

    But what is really wrong with chemicals? Water is a chemical as well isn't it? Oxygen is a chemical too. Using the word 'chemical' as oposed to 'natural' is wrong. Artificial is the word you're looking for. Not that artificial should equal bad either. People should seriously stop using this word like it's a bad thing.


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