Mario Badescu Control Cream

Mario Badescu
Mario Badescu

It's good to be a friend of ITG. Here, our pal Frances Denny, a photographer and graduate student at the Rhode Island School of Design, reports back to the Gloffice about a cream Nick gave her last month (it worked!):

My dear friend Nick Axelrod smuggled me a bag of treats from work in December, amongst which was Mario Badescu's Control Cream. Despite being an alarming shade of turquoise, I tried the stuff one particularly blustery day in Maine over Christmas and was immediately wowed by how it felt. I have sensitive skin (not rosacea sensitive, but finicky nonetheless) and this stuff acts like a protective barrier against the affronts of the season. Not only that, but I've randomly gotten compliments on my skin, from the very time I used it. I'm hooked by the no-frills, few-ingredients philosophy and will be rationing this stuff during the long months to come, groundhogs be damned.

—Frances Denny

Photographed by Frances Denny. Check out Frances' work on her website.

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