HIPP x RGB Nail Foundations

HIPP x RGB Nail Foundations and Tints
HIPP x RGB Nail Foundations and Tints

The funny thing about nude nail polish is that, as far as the nail polish industry goes, there's little to no consensus on what the hell color “nude” is, anyway. Half the time it's too pale, or too yellow, or too pink, or too sheer, or not sheer enough, or just wrong. Finding the perfect (for you) nude polish is this never-ending quest, and you have to sort of cling to the one that works for the rest of your life, wandering into salons, turning over 50 different bottles in the hope that one of them is yours. And if it’s discontinued, well, learn to love disappointment. There’s mixing and matching and blending different hues (which makes you that weird girl with twenty bottles and really specific instructions—hate to break it to you, nobody likes that girl). Remember that whole fracas about Crayola calling one of their colors “flesh” (later renamed “peach'), because hey, Crayola, we are not all the same color? Well, here come nail stylist Jenna Hipp and RGB with a line of four 'Nail Foundations' and four 'Nail Tints' from across the skin spectrum, meant to be mixed and matched and made perfectly you. The foundations (F1, F2, F3, F4) can be applied alone, or worn under another shade to provide a flawless base, while the tints (T1, T2, T3, T4) function like a tinted primer or moisturizer, imparting a touch of sheer, natural color. Completely customizable, totally individual: just like you, you little snowflake.

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