Lash Alert: Clinique Lashes Top to Bottom Set

Clinique Lashes Top to Bottom Set
Clinique Lashes Top to Bottom Set

You know what we're just plumb crazy about? Options. We're like your jerky college love interest who wanted to 'keep his options open' and now, if karma is real, is picking up trash on the side of the highway somewhere (only our plight is far more sympathetic). Which brings us to the point: Clinique has unleashed onto the world the Lashes Top to Bottom set, a group of five (five!) mascaras that directs you to “rethink lashes top to bottom' by pairing their Bottom Lash Mascara (which only today was given a shout out by Emily as one of her essentials this season) with the brand's High Impact, High Lengths, Lash Power, and Lash Doubling options.


Luckily, there are little summaries and drawings of what each tube will do to your eyelashes, if you weren't sure about the difference between “lash power' and “high impact' (the latter is the “most dramatic look' and the former is smudgeproof for 24 hours, for example). We'll break it down: Clinique's Bottom Lash Mascara has a teeny-tiny little applicator wand to help maximize your lower lashes (à la [A Clockwork Orange](, which is to say: this stuff works), while Lash Doubling and High Impact have a more traditional, thick brush (though girths vary). Lash Power? It has an extra-long brush and stays put; and High Lengths' brush is curved, skinny, and rake-ish (to elongate those suckers). Suffice it to say: this is our kind of mix-and-match. Give, get, and be psyched about your new 'mascara wardrobe.'

Pick up the Lashes Top to Bottom set here.