Quote-Unquote: Coco Rocha

Coco Rocha
Coco Rocha

Because good advice never gets old.

'I remember in school the thing was to have white eyeliner instead of black—it was super cool to wear white. So when I was finally allowed to wear makeup I would have the white eyeliner on top, black along the waterline, and then really thick, thick lashes. You were cool if you had makeup like that. [Laughs] Now my favorite thing is to have shimmers, and to find lowlights and highlights. I remember when Pat McGrath found the best shiny stick [Madina] and she bought them all and gave them to her assistants. So my version of that is Smashbox eye shadow in Oyster. On photoshoots she uses lots of strategically placed shimmer—over and around the eyes, on the Cupid’s Bow—so we all look really awake…with the darker contouring, everything kind of pops. If I’m going to red carpet events then I will do something like that.” — Coco Rocha's Top Shelf (10/12/11)

Coco Rocha photographed by ITG in October 2011.