Perfect Pair

Kiehl's Rosa Arcitca Lightweight Cream and Eye
Kiehl's Rosa Arcitca Lightweight Cream and Eye

It’s often said, and not incorrectly (though once in Zoolander), that moisture is the key to beauty. By beauty, of course, we mean glowing, dewy, clear skin. Tell me you don’t want that.

Kiehl’s new paraben-, fragrance-, and silicone-free Rosa Arctica line steps up to the moisturizing plate with a formula packed with vitamin E, white-birch extract (apparently known for its ability to restore hydration and increase skin elasticity and collagen production), squalane, and “the rare ‘Ressurection Flower’ Haberlea Rhodopensis,” which the press materials tell me is “known to survive up to 31 months of dehydration and return to life when proper moisture condition are restored.” Though I certainly was not previously aware of the Haberlea Rhodopensis or its magical powers, and I may not be a flower myself, there’s something attractive to the prospect of medically advanced flora “jolting [us] back to youth,” isn’t there? I know I had great skin as a baby.

The Rosa Arctica Lightweight Cream has all the benefits of a heavier moisturizer without the typical ointment feel; it's thin, but not at all greasy. I've been using it for a week, and despite the stress/running around/too-many-late-nights trifecta, I feel (as cheesy as it sounds) refreshed: my skin feels healthy, and that is a feat to be reckoned with, considering very little else about me is. The Rosa Arctica Eye is equally nifty, but in a denser balm form, replete with cocoa and shea butters, as well as skin brightening agents which work on skin discoloration to even out your lovely, delicate under-eye areas. (Or, at least it helped a bit with my fashion-fatigued face.) Also, the icy seaglass-colored jars fit in nicely with any white-tile or natural-wood bathroom tableau.

Whether or not you’re worried about aging right now, as my mother always told me, 'Moisturizing is like putting money in the bank.' Or actually, I think she said that about taking calcium supplements, but the point remains: it’s never too soon to start taking care of your skin. So, get a move on.

—Alessandra Codinha