Nicky Deam
Word of Mouth

Best Beauty Advice of 2013: Body

From Liv Tyler and Andrea Mary Marshall's miracle bath ingredient, to the workout that all the models (and Jake Gyllenhaal) are doingRead more >

The Extras

What Up, Bra?

Chances are you’re not getting the best support from your undergarments. Let’s talk FIT.Read more >

The Technique

Key Son's Model Workout

A ten-step program created just for ITG (i.e., YOU)Read more >

The Extras

The 'Walk, Don't Run' Exercise Theory

Want a body like Daria Werbowy's? The model's trainer, Key Son, says it's all about power-walking and "very small movements"Read more >

The Professional

Tracy Anderson, Fitness Entrepreneur

The exercise guru on her dance roots, transforming women into their "most proportioned selves," and getting Gwyneth Paltrow into shapeRead more >