Kacy Hill, Musician


“Each one of my albums has been a reflection of where I am in life at that time. My second album, Is It Selfish If We Talk About Me Again, was about returning to myself. I was coming out of my first record deal, and I felt like I wasn’t myself in so many ways. I had been introduced to a world where everyone was very ‘cool’ and had so much money. I was around a lot of people that were very successful, and I felt like a weirdo. That’s also a part of being young, right? You’re 20, 21, 22 and feel like you need to erase yourself to fit in. Ultimately, I realized that what makes me ‘cool’ is just not trying to be like anyone else. Bug, my new album, is about finding joy in life and love for music again. In some ways, it’s about returning to myself, too. I was in a very long relationship, and as I was writing lyrics, I was like, ‘I don’t think I’m in the headspace to write love songs right now.’ The cracks in the foundation of my relationship had started to appear, but I wasn’t ready to talk about them because I didn’t want the relationship to fall apart. For the six plus years that I was in the relationship, it was where I found comfort, stability, sanity, everything. We relied on each other so much, so to talk about things that might not be right was so scary. I started to work through them in my songs, which felt like a safe space.

I turned 30 in May, and I’ve become even more conscious of my skin. All of a sudden you look in the mirror, and you’re like, ‘What is that?’ But I try to keep my routine as simple as possible because I have super reactive skin. When I was much younger, I would get breakouts and I’d put all sorts of stuff on them. Then I realized that I was making it worse. Now, I’m all about moisturizers and oils. Especially on tour, I’ll go to sleep basically embalmed because the hotel A/C is always blasting. [Laughs]

I’ve used Cetaphil’s gentle cleanser my whole life, and then I like to spritz my face with Futurewise’s Slug Boost. Honestly, who knows what a spritz does, but it feels nice. I’m like, ‘I’m awake!’ I discovered Avène’s Cicalfate cream when I did a skincare deep dive on the Internet during the pandemic. I get eczema around my nose, my eyes, and sometimes below my mouth, and this cream is the only thing that has ever helped. It’s very, very thick and a miracle product for me. Sometimes I’ll layer it with other moisturizers like Futurewise’s Slug Cream, which is a super light and really good daily moisturizer, or Farmacy’s Honey Halo, and if I do, the Cicalfate always goes on top. My eyes get kind of crispy—I know—and Dieux’s Auracle is the only eye cream that hasn’t made my eyes burn or flared up my eczema. It’s also nice to have eye cream on tour when I’m not getting much sleep. I seal everything in with Kate Blanc’s rosehip oil. It’s so cheap, lasts me around four months, and works so well. And I’ve been loving Iris&Romeo’s Weekend Skin SPF 50. Mineral sunscreens can be a pain because they can leave a white cast. I’ve also found that some mineral sunscreens are kind of smelly and sticky, but this one’s good. It has a slight tint, but it’s not overwhelming.

I don’t wear foundation—I never have. I have freckles and I don’t like the way it looks on me. I just use concealer on little spots around my nose or if I have any blemishes. I like Fenty’s Pro Filt'r in 140N. Pixi’s +Rose Radiance Perfector is a ‘skin enhancer,’ but I like to use it as a highlighter on my upper cheekbones, nose, and above my eyes. I love that it’s not too intense or too shiny.

I didn’t wear eyeshadow for a very long time, but now, I love warm tones. People say purple is great for green eyes, but I never really wear purple. I usually do a sort of orange-y, red look—and I love gold. I always have MAC’s Future Flame palette with me. Then I add a little mascara. I alternate between Diorshow and Macstack. Both are good. Oh, and I fix up my brows with Benefit’s Precisely, My Brow pencil and then set them down with Kosas’s Air Brow Gel.

For my lips, I always love a slightly brownie liner. Make Up For Ever’s lip liner in Anywhere Caffeine is great. Then, depending on how I’m feeling, I pick between Rare Beauty’s Soft Pinch lip oil in Happy or Byredo’s liquid lipstick in Reasonable, which is incredible. It’s the perfect amount of sparkle. Or if I want more of a red, I go for Byredo’s tinted lip balm in Ocra. It’s matte but not too matte. It’s so good.

When I was younger, my hair was blonde, and now it’s whatever that’s evolved into. [Laughs] Jess Gonzalez, who’s also in LA, colors it. She’s the best. I’ve been trimming my own bangs, but when I need a cut, I go to Colleen Duffy.

I’ve tried all sorts of expensive shampoos, and Pantene’s Radiant Color shampoo makes my hair look the best. I use Pantene’s Curl Perfection conditioner, too. What’s funny about it is that every time I wash it with Pantene, I always have people say to me, ‘You smell so good. What is that smell?’ I generally keep it pretty curly when I’m touring because there’s no time for me to blow it out and straighten it. Also, if I’m somewhere humid or if I’m on stage and sweaty, my hair goes back to curly and then it’s like, ‘Well, why did we even do that?’

When I’m at home, I’m a Byredo girl, but when I’m on tour, I’m a Diptyque girl. I love a floral scent, especially since I’m in yucky green rooms all the time. Do Son is a classic. Rose, too. They make me feel a little more civilized.”

—As told to Daise Bedolla

Photographed by Shana Trajanoska in New York on May 30, 2024