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Which Beauty Trend Are You Getting Back Together With This Year?


In case you’ve forgotten, there’s a reason you and your ex broke up. Maybe they cheated, or… maybe you did. Maybe you realized you wouldn’t ever be able to make it work with their mother. Perhaps they left their dirty plate in the sink one too many times. Or maybe they called off your high-profile wedding, nixed the pink diamond, and married someone else a few months later. Who knows! But once the anger melts away, and then the sadness, what’s left are just the good memories locked in brainwave amber. You know you tried it, you know it didn’t work out so well. But conveniently, the new you and the old you are both the same person (who discovered this amazing thing!) and totally different people (only one of whom has perspective).

You probably see where we’re going with this: obviously, Bennifer is a thing again. The last time Jennifer Lopez and Ben Affleck dated it was 2004, and for whatever reason, the two decided to give their relationship another go 17 years later.

The blast-from-the-past got us thinking about what other second chances we might be ready to dole out—in terms of beauty, that is. Because given enough time, even the worst decisions can start to look like reasonable options. Take, for example, eyebrows: those who plucked them to oblivion in the 90s spent the entirety of the new millennium thus far growing them back. But now… thin brows seem cool, and maybe looked better on your face after all? Heavy eyeliner, the chief reason you look so awful in photos from middle school, is now trending on Tiktok! You loved it at the time… and maybe it isn’t as bad as you remember…

You definitely shouldn’t get back with your ex. But what about space buns, frosted lips, hair crimpers, or white eyeliner? Which failed beauty relationship are you ready to give a second chance? We won't fault you for trying! If it doesn’t work out, at least you’ll be able to say you told you so.

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