Will This PJ Set Make Me Look Like Adam Sandler?


POV: It’s Monday night. You’ve just gotten home from a day of work (or a walk to pick up takeout after working from home) and jump in the shower to scrub the outside grime from your skin. Peel off the day’s outfit. Lather, rinse. You step out of the shower onto a bamboo bath mat, drench your limbs in viscous, amber-hued body oil, pat down excess water and smooth your hair. The summer sun hasn’t set yet (she’s persistent!) and you’ve got a handful of hours before you should actually, probably, get in bed. But what you’d put on to lounge in the daytime is leggings, which stick to your freshly moisturized self so that stepping into a pair feels more like wriggling into latex. And your nighttime comfy clothes are a selection of ratty tees and nubby sweats that don’t sound particularly appealing either. What if friends end up stopping by later?

You need to put something on. Now what?

Maybe the answer is a robe you can wrap yourself up in immediately post-shower. The lightest options are silk, satin, and linen—then there’s waffley cotton, terry, and plush. You know those extra luxe bathrobes at hotel spas? They’re often available for purchase. Or what about a cute cotton bralette and brief combo? It’ll give you support, but not too much support, you know? If you’ve got housemates, maybe a cute pajama set is a better, slightly more modest option. You can get those on the cheap these days (though the pricey options haven’t stopped being lovely). And, should we be exploring nightgowns? Or as Nell Diamond would call ‘em, “nap dresses”?

What are you wearing these days? Not in a creepy-guy-from-Tinder way, or a Jake from Statefarm way—more specifically, what comfy, chic loungewear are you wearing during the hours between Doing Stuff and REM? We’ll drop our best recommendations below, and hope you do the same. Because, in the words of one ITG Facebook Group member, “I'm tired of dressing like Adam Sandler when I do my skincare routine.”