Why The Heck Do I Own So Many Identical Lipsticks?


...A question I never thought to ask myself until I started to make my at-home desk a functional work station, instead of a beauty product dumping ground. Each time I clear out a few products, I discover a weird new thing about myself. Do you too have an unreasonable attachment to almost-finished products that now have new packaging? Asking as I stare at my crinkled-up tube of Weleda Skin Food that has stayed in my drawer for months, and will remain there possibly forever. But what’s even more nonsensical is having a nail polish in every color of the rainbow, yet rarely painting your nails. A smarter person would hoard base coats instead, but who says I’m trying to be smart? The objective is: Joy!

But my real pathology is with lipsticks. Lipsticks that are all the same color, to get more specific. I have no fewer than 10 of them in my drawer in various shades of brown. And that's just one drawer! How did I get so many? Hard to say. But I can tell you they aren't going anywhere any time soon. My ‘keep’ pile:

Gucci Lipstick in Susan Beige

I love to treat this lipstick like a precious objet, and why not? The ornate, golden packaging truly calls for it. It’s a true neutral, medium deep brown that’s not chalky, which means people who work in close proximity to me never notice when it gradually fades away. The look is matte, but the feel is super creamy.

Dior Lip Crayon in Tag It

Another neutral, beige brown, but a tinge lighter than Gucci’s Susan Beige. You’ll like it because lip crayons are innately moisturizing, last forever, and give more bang for your buck. I like it because I always get compliments when I wear it.

NYX Liquid Lipstick in Berlin

A major reason why NYX should be protected at all costs. In all my days of brown-lipstick-scouting, I haven’t found another liquid lipstick that goes from a glassy sheer brown to a comfy, full matte lip with a few swipes. And of course, it plays well with lip gloss. She does everything! I like to pair it with:

Pat McGrath Lip Gloss in Flesh 004:

A sheer warm brown that’s light and juicy to the touch. It’s not super hi-shine which makes it wearable even for the glossy-averse.

Laura Mercier Silky Creme Lipstick in Brun Naturel

Brown enough to appear seamless with my skin tone, but fleshy and taupe-y enough to bring out the pink in my natural lip color. Velvety, opaque, and wears comfortably. Check, check, and check.

Glossier Generation G Lipstick in Leo

This is the lipstick to keep backups upon backups of. In my eyes, it’s the perfect starter brown because you can easily build to your ideal deepness. My own lil’ hack: apply it when your lips are completely bare (no lip balm needed) and a little damp. It’s immediately conditioning.

Charlotte Tilbury Lip Liner in Foxy Brown

Bonus: Top it off with Foxy Brown, the perfect starter brown lip liner. Similar effect, but the result is poutier.

Et tu? I knooow I’m not alone in my irrational lipstick selection. Raise your (proverbial) hand in the comments and share what shades you've got stashed away.