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A Three-Minute, Gotta-Get-Out-the-Door Mom Routine


Getting out of the door in the morning with little kids is an ordeal. I only have one toddler and there is always a flawlessly timed tantrum or plea to play trains or “pick up!” at the exact moment I’m trying to leave. And between getting us both ready and fed (and I have help with this!) any semblance of a beauty routine is the first thing I sacrifice during the frenzy. I’d always rather spend a few more minutes playing with her than layering skincare and applying makeup.

The thing is, I feel better about myself when I’ve put on a little moisturizer and mascara. I think I look less tired, more together, and consequently, seem more confident. And after spending nearly a year with Into the Gloss, I’m much more knowledgeable about which few products I can use to do the most with the least time. I’ve gotten my morning routine down to five-ish steps that can be done in three minutes.

Step 1: Cleanse

I swipe a cotton pad of Bioderma micellar water all over my face. This is what I do at night, too. I will never be a person who “double cleanses” or even really “cleanses.” I’m fine with this.

Step 2: Hydrate

Next up, this Shiseido Balancing Softener. It’s technically a toner, but it hydrates like an essence and feels less fussy than a serum. I just splash it on! My face tends to be incredibly dry and this instantly makes everything feel less tight. Another option is Peach and Lily’s Wild Dew Essence—it’s less astringent, and fragrance-free for those with sensitive skin.

Step 3: Protect

After about 30 seconds (since the toner is a viscous liquid it sinks in pretty quickly) I then put on Josh Rosebrook’s Tinted Nutrient Day Cream. If working here has taught me anything, it is that you never, ever, leave the house without putting on sunscreen. Ali introduced me to this one and it is truly a revelation: it’s got SPF 30, is super moisturizing, and the tint evens me out a bit. A mineral sunscreen that’s not even a little bit streaky is hard to find—this one does it thanks to pulverized non-nanoparticles of zinc oxide that never leave a white cast. It made ITG’s Top 25 of the decade for a good reason. I feel like a very responsible human after this step!

Step 4: Add Some Dewy Witchery

Futuredew seals in my hydration and makes me look somehow, instantly, better. I schmear it on the highpoints of my face (cheekbones, nose, cupid’s bow—basically all the places highlighter goes) and I look glowy and maybe even slightly… rested? This product is truly a bit of magic.

Step 5: And Head Out

The step where this routine hits the road! You couldn’t have possibly thought I was going to have enough time to do five steps in my own home, right? I put on some mascara and Boy Brow while I’m waiting for the train, or even when I’m on the train. I’m that person—judge away. I don’t even need a mirror to apply my lip stain, usually Fresh’s Lip Treatment in Berry so I do it in the elevator going up to the office. And then the doors open, and I’ve made it! What else could I need?

—Leah Chernikoff

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