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Fighting The Worst Part About Summer: Chafing


It's chafing season. If you know, you know. If you don’t know, it’s like this: I’m walking around in my cute little sundress enjoying an ice cream cone and ignoring all my life’s troubles, when I start to feel my legs rubbing together. I think it’ll be OK, until I feel my top layer of skin slowly… slough off. After that, every single step I take is absolute hell. When I finally look between my legs, I’ve got a red, bumpy, painful rash akin to poison ivy. Basically, I’m all floral prints and midi skirts on the outside, and 80’s horror film monster on the inside. In the past, my “trick” to cure this rash was a swipe of deodorant or some runners glide, but those are just fine, and I want a holy grail. So this summer I set out to try a bunch of different chafing solutions. Benefit from my hard labor.

An Option NOT For Yeast Infections

I’ve only ever bought one Monistat product and it was for the brand’s God intended purpose; to cure a yeast infection. But apparently the internet loves Monistat to cure another burning sensation between the legs—chafing. Monistat has become such an anti-chafing cult favorite that they came out with Chafing Relief Powder Gel, so that’s what I tried out. On the plus side: it goes on clear, has no smell, and has an impossibly silky texture. Can I… use this on my face? [Ed. note: you can!] It kept my legs rash-free for an entire day on the town, but I used what felt like half of the tube to cover my thighs, and the medical-looking tube could easily explode in a backpack.

Monistat Chafing Relief Powder Gel

The Instagram Favorite

The description of this product says it “creates a barrier that sits on top of skin, allowing thighs that rub to glide smoothly against each other.” When I first put it on in the morning it felt slimy, and no different from the midday deodorant I often throw between my legs in a pinch. But I had heard wonders about this product so I waited it out. And then it happened. On my way to work I realized that it had dried—creating a real, physical barrier on my inner thighs, keeping me protected from my mortal enemy; CHAFING. This product is my new best friend and I love her.

Megababe Thigh Rescue Anti-Chafe Stick

The Cool One

I’d never heard of this product before, but when the brand sent it over to the Glossier offices for ITG to test out, I knew I had to swipe it. You may recall that I sit at the front desk at Glossier HQ. It definitely has its perks. Oh, don’t worry, I’m definitely way too anxious to take anything without explicit permission. This anti-chafe stick has aloe and vitamin E, but the best part is that it gives off a delicious cooling sensation as you apply. It goes on sheer, so even though I stayed protected from chafing all day, I missed the tangible, force field barrier that Megababe gave me.

Love AnyBody Anti-Chafe Stick

The Sexy One

I was unsure that a product could make me feel “sensual” as the description promises, mostly because, as a comedian who eats pasta in bed alone most nights, I have never felt sensual in my life. But this stuff, made me feel….. sexy? It did. Unfortunately, this product won’t be my chafe-savior for a few reasons. Applying with my hands was messy because it’s a loose powder, and I involuntarily left a pile of dust on my floor. I also must confess that I could feel my thighs chafing together before even leaving the house, so I reached for my Megababe before running out the door. Hey, anyone who knows how much chafing hurts will understand that when you find something that works, you just have to go with it. This stuff will stay in my nightstand, though, so that in three months when I decide to experiment with the feeling “sexy” again I’ll know where to reach.

Lush Silky Underwear Dusting Powder

The Option That's Machine-Washable

I am going to be honest, I avoided these for a long time. Why? OK they look exactly like Spanx. And I love Spanx for their intended purpose, but that doesn’t mean I like wearing them. My belly folds over the top, the leg holes dig into my thighs, and I basically can’t breathe. KIND OF RUINS THE WHOLE BREEZY SUNDRESS VIBE RIGHT? But, dear reader, these Jockey shorts look like Spanx, but they are so, so different. They’re lightweight, smooth, and they don’t dig in anywhere. My internet research pointed me towards the “skimmies,” but they looked way too short to cover all of my rash-prone area. So, I bought this pair because I thought they’d come down low enough to prevent chafing anywhere on my thighs. I was right! If you’re wearing anything longer and looser fitting, reach for this solution. For tighter, shorter skirts, find me with my Megababe.

Jockey Generation Women's Slipshort

—Ariel Gitlin

Photo via ITG.