What’s Your Dream Travel Beauty Product?


A long, long time ago—I believe they call it the ‘90s—I took my first solo plane trip. I was young, but prepared. My ticket? Secured in an easy to access envelope. My beauty products? Enormous and plentiful, given this was the era of pre-TSA. My suitcase? Locked and tagged. But when I arrived to my destination, I opened my bag to a grisly discovery. Cream, everywhere! My clothes had been attacked by a jumbo bottle of Jergens shea butter. I had been betrayed by the best thing to happen to me since realizing Ashley rhymes with “ashy.” My ashy Ashley antidote had thoroughly desecrated my luggage full of carefully-sourced Express and Bebe clothing. If only I had a travel container with a screw-on top to prevent leaks.

Now we’re living in a golden age of travel beauty. There are perfectly-portioned creams and tiny makeup doodads everywhere you turn (or all around you, if you happen to be in a Sephora checkout line). But there’s still room for improvement. Just the other day, Utibe and I sat around and talked about our dream travel products. Like an eye mask that puts in doubletime as both a sleep and skincare aid. Or a neck pillow that somehow opens up to reveal a hair-preserving helmet, protecting your hair from creasing and frizz wherever you go. Utibe’s a big fan of socks that also massage your feet, and I just want a blow-up sink so I can do my skincare routine without hogging up the bathroom. But then we got an email from Elemis, asking if illustrator Meagan Morrison, who just designed one of their makeup bags, could draw us something. We were all, “heck yeah, please draw these dream travel gizmos,” and here we are. Now it’s your turn to flex some creativity. What’s your fantasy travel product? What do you wish existed? Let’s dream together below.

—Ashley Weatherford

Illustration by Meagan Morrison.