What Do You Swap Out For Summer?


Early June is the perfect time to broker a bartering deal between your two selves: winter you and summer you. It’s not about which is better, per se, they just need different things. Winter you is invested in The Bachelor and hot coffee—summer you, in return, asks for Bachelor in Paradise and caffeine on ice. Trade cashmere for linen, beanies for baseball caps, boots for sandals, space heaters for central air. Winter you’s favorite Feu De Bois dupe gets swapped out for something with neroli. Dreams of Swiss ski escapes become fantasies of Greek islands. Canceling plans becomes… canceling plans but now you’re sitting outside while you do it.

Your summer top shelf needs different things than your winter skin one, too. Winter skin needs oil, heavy creams, something to slough away dead skin. Summer skin needs hydration, pore refiners, and a really good cleanser. Summer lips want to wear lip gloss, winter lips would like to keep the liquid mattes. Winter skin wants to be wrapped up in fragrances that feel warm and cozy, summer skin wants to smell fresh and clean and as little like b.o. as possible. And summer hair and winter hair? Those guys have their own negotiation altogether.

As the temperature creeps up and up, what’s your winter self ready to trade to your summer self? What products do you swap out for warmer days? Let us know down under:

Photo via ITG