Does Anyone Know How To Get Married?


Six months ago I got engaged. It was exciting! Romantic! Emotional! All of that and beyond. But in the six months that followed, this much became clear: I'm not too great at figuring out where to go next. I can’t wait to be married, but getting married is another story. There’s so much planning to do! And for a person who has never thrown a party bigger than Sunday brunch for a few friends, I’m finding the idea of orchestrating an entire “night to remember” for friends and family beyond overwhelming. My fantasy: to wave a wand and watch everything fall into place. If only. There are a few things I have figured out. My dress, for one, and the location, Brooklyn. Other than that I’m a clean, hopeless slate. At this point, my fiancé’s doing way more work than I am. He’s the one reaching out to vendors to get this whole show set up. But even he struggles, as do I, in articulating what we want. Are we going for minimalism with the flowers? What are our colors? What kind of invitation feels like “us”? No clue as to the answers, but I’m hoping—praying—that you can help us out. What are your favorite (and not overwhelming) websites to turn to for wedding ideas? How should we steer this ship? What and how should we prioritize everything? And did I mention we set the date for this summer? We’ll need all the help you're willing to give.

—Ashley Weatherford

Photo via Getty