How Many Bath Towels Do You Really Need?


For most of Monday and good deal of Sunday night, Twitter revolved around a single, urgent question: Exactly how many towels should an adult human own? Yashar Ali, a journalist, had this recommendation:

Certainly a suggestion that’ll get you over 10,000 reactions, many of which included the necessary follow up question of “what the hell is a bath sheet?” (See a handy diagram below.)

Now, ITG is normally in the habit of holding strong opinions about bathroom business, but this one has us stumped. Tom owns zero bath sheets but two bath towels. Emily counts three bath sheets and zero bath towels; Utibe: zero bath sheets and three bath towels, and Ashley splits 10 bath sheets with her fiancé. These numbers suggest...that we’re not exactly up to the task to answer the question at hand. And apparently neither is most of Twitter. But we're betting you have an answer. Share the goods! How many bath towels (or sheets) should a person own?

Photo via ITG