How To Do The Most: Foot Edition


There’s no better feeling than slow motion gliding off of a sock, revealing a perfectly glistening, manicured FOOT. It’s my mission in life to preach this gospel—a feeling that shouldn’t be limited to the occasional post-salon visit. Feeling this momentary ecstasy can be weekly or even daily if you just take control of your feet and beautify them into submission.

Envision yourself crawling into bed and feeling your freshly exfoliated and moisturized tootsie glide along your (faux) silk-cotton blend sheets. You’re like a baby fresh out of the sink-tub and swaddled all up in luxury. This feeling is so crucial to my entire flow, aura and attitude that if my feet are just the teensiest bit underserved, my world is tilted off balance. Feet must be photo ready! Feed must do the most! This is how:


Soaking feet to “detoxify” is not a new concept but it’s certainly one of those extras you have to set aside time for. My weekly situation is to set a large bowl under the faucet in my bathtub, fill it with spicy-hot water and add some high powered bath salts. Google foot soaks and you’ll find endless high-powered options, but I like to pick ingredients that I would also want IN my body. Shoutout to this one that uses magnesium to help ease me into my snooze and loosen up muscles! I like to just sit my tushie right on the edge of the bath (posture!) put on a face mask, pick a podcast and paint my fingernails with this 20 minutes of ~me time~ candle flickers.


If you’re not pumice stoning, I feel bad for you son—this $3 magic purple brick has been a staple in my shower routine for years. Anytime I’m in the shower I take a quick 30 seconds to GENTLY give my feet a moment of extra attention, a little every day keeps things buttery soft. I like to Dove soap up foot #1, hit it with the P Stone around the edges, use circular motions around the bottom heel, and finish with one long sweep top to bottom (that tickles). Rinse and repeat on foot #2. Friendly note not to soap both feet at once…. I’ve learned from experience. :-/

If I want the full exorcism, I’ll use a little homemade coconut oil + sugar concoction and really get after it. Be gentle but also don’t be shy, feet are resilient. If you’re tryna get boujee, treat yourself to this grapefruit mineral-rich, dead sea salt one from Goop. I like to imagine Gwen P uses this stuff like hand soap and her hands just glisten.

The last-but-not-least step is to use a little brushey action across your toes to make sure they’re squeaky clean and free of any sock lint. I like to get this XL toothbrush nice and soapy and just get to brushin’. This step is really satisfying to me.


Now that our feet are raw and vulnerable, it’s time to trim the hedges. I upgraded all of my toe-related tools recently (and you should too) to all fresh matching gold steel ones for a touch of luxury. Do you have toe hair? I do. I have two microderm tools, one for my face (I also have a stash, what’s up?) and one for miscellaneous use like my toes (this is a test to see if my fiance reads my stories).


Next up, grab the softest towel in you arsenal and dab dry. Then begin packing on the moisture and vitamins that will give you the luminous, plump foot we’ve all been thinking about while reading this.

I like to start with a layer of simple lotion (I rotate Burts and Aesop for a little high-low). This is going to soak right in and make your feet do a little happy dance. Remember the peppermint foot cream situation in Mean Girls? Ever since I’ve been obsessed with my feet smelling minty. This wax-based repair balm is not only great for scent but also makes anything rough disappear overnight.

From here, I’m not afraid to tell you I love foot masks. In all of my beauty weirdness this is probably the most unnecessary thing I love to do, it’s just sooooo nice to be locked into a horizontal position and H2T covered in masks. Get a 10,000 pack on Amazon, kick back, and get ready to feel like 1 million dollars.

If you want to go the extra mile (of course you do, you’re reading this) slip on a pair of 100% cotton Hanes white crew socks. #1 it just feels incred but #2 it’ll help keep the good stuff on your foot and off your bedding.

Daily Maintenance

These quality, breathable socks
Foot deo
That fresh, clean feeling

A note

If you haven’t heard of Baby Foot, it’s an incredibly un-chic foot peel that makes 100 layers of your skin melt off. My thoughts are that it’s a good idea if you’re starting with yeti feet and don’t mind that when it’s all over you will starting from zero with infant-level sensitivity. Def not the move if you plan to touch your new sacred, pristine bare foot on anything but room temp indoor flooring. Let me know if you agree!

—Sam Wilson

Photographed by Tom Newton.