The Sink-less Skincare Routine


As I have exhaustively expressed to my friends, colleagues, and on this website right here, I like to be cozy. As much as possible, if not almost impossibly so. At Glossier HQ, my preferred workstation is a couch. At home, my wardrobe is terry cloth-inspired. Candles? Blankets? I’ve got plenty. And then the grand closing to a cozy night for me is either an episode of literally anything, or a chapter or so of a book. In bed. And then I fall asleep. Which is perfectly fine, except that I have to do skincare.

Skincare! Hard to do when the bathroom is 10 feet away and the iPad is situated measurably closer—next to me, in bed. With no commercials in sight, there’s no natural break for me to dash to the bathroom; the downside of Netflix and that $14.99 monthly Hulu plan. And I’d rather not take the iPad into the bathroom either—seems vaguely unsanitary, not to mention it requires some grueling footwork—walking, they call it. So, guided by laziness and yet still committed to keeping a clean face, I’ve made it a habit to bring my nightly skincare routine to bed with me a few nights a week. With a few essentials that have taken up permanent residence on my bedside window sill. Welcome, friends, to my sink-less skincare routine.

I begin this routine by guiltily cleansing with a face wipe. I recommend Koh Gen Do’s Cleansing Spa Water Clothes, which can remove waterproof makeup without leaving behind a sticky, smelly residue. But that’s only if I’m embarrassingly desperate. More often, I clean my face with Clean It Zero Cleansing Balm instead. I massage it onto my dry face, and then wipe it off with a muslin cloth spritzed with water (facial mist, re-purposed). Then I air-dry for a few minutes. Meanwhile, the Netflix keeps on Netflixing.

Since this is not a wholly efficient way to cleanse at all (nothing beats the elbow grease of a splish splash washing session in the bathroom), I follow up with something that’ll convince me that the day's dirt is gone from my face. Something with acid, because in my head at least, that’s what cuts through zit-generating grime. Currently, that’s either Peach and Lily’s Good Acids or Glossier's Solution. And then I pat on an essence (SK-II again), followed by a bit of moisture. These days I’m finding it with Vintner’s Daughter (just two drops!) and Tatcha’s Water Cream. What comes next are the final minutes of the night’s program of choice, and then that saucy siren called sleep. All happening in my bed—no bathroom, no water in sight. They say laziness never pays off, but it’s a hell of a way to get creative with skincare.

—Ashley Weatherford

Photo via ITG