Hot Fuzz


There's a meme going 'round these parts and it really hit home here at ITG. Like all good memes, it takes shrewd cultural criticism, pits it against universal, verging on basic imagery and in turn, asks you to turn the mirror on yourself. Ask yourself the hard questions. Really go deep with your therapist this week. The meme was this:


Not no. Not no indeed. So with that stinging cultural indictment in mind, we invite you to become a part of the zeitgeist with these five things. No sick burns can hurt you when you're this padded up.

1. The Teddy Coat

Brown, soft, and warm but not “oh god, I’m sweating in my coat” warm. It’s the classic faux-shearling coat that fifty percent of Manhattan is wearing these days (with the other fifty stuck in the doldrums of pea coats and puffers). And you can too! With this jazzy one that’ll fall just below your knee. Feel free to top off with a red bucket hat to reach full Paddington potential. Now look, you’re a cuddly bear.

2. The Teddy Jacket

Sometimes you just want to give your legs some breathing room, you know? A jacket it is, then. Two polar options present themselves: an understated denim, with a bit of fuzz around the collar, and another all-over fuzz bonanza, but cropped at the hips for ease of movement. The former for the weekday commute to work, and the latter for whatever activity calls your name come weekend-time. Or vice versa! It’s your life and your jacket.

3. Fuzzy Arm Candy

This fuzzy adventure needn’t stick to clothes only. Open your mind! Extend the softness to your purse. This Trademark handbag offers the best of both worlds: Sturdy Italian leather and plush genuine shearling. Pet at will.

4. Furry Feet

Phoebe Philo is that you? Oh no, it’s just the German mind readers at Birkenstock, continuing to make Olsen-esque dreams come true, no matter what Hedi Slimane has to say about it. Shearling on your feet is a great idea, anyone who’s worn an Ugg boot knows that. But what about when you want to let your toes breath and be cozy at the same time (and be wearing shoes so that you can leave the house at a moment’s notice)? That’s where these bad boys come in. They’re a little like burying yourself under a million blankets but then letting your feet hang out from the bottom. You get the best sleep that way, apparently.

5. Shearling Frickin' Pants

These shearling pants. Well…what is there to say about these shearling pants? They’re faux, to start. So you can wipe that part off your conscience. What else? Maybe that they’re LITERALLY THE COZIEST THING TO HAVE EVER EXISTED. Like too cozy to be practical, too cozy to be comfortable, too cozy to be cozy even—wearing these you’ll get so cozy that you’ll circle back all the way around to not cozy, where this whole thing started. But they’re on sale. So, why the hell not? Shows you’re really committed to the lewk.

Cayley King (The Lions) photographed by Tom Newton. Hair by Matthew Tuozzoli. Makeup by Shayna Gold.