The Eye Cream Chatroom


As you approach your 30s, or perhaps your 40s, or perhaps your 50s (I’m not here to presume which age you are approaching—I keep forgetting mine anyway), the question you should be asking yourself is not “Am I living life to its fullest?” or “What is the meaning of everything?” or “Is there even any point at all?” No, the thing you should be asking yourself is “Eye cream: ......?”

Eye cream is arguably one of skincare’s most elevated products. It checks all the boxes (debatably worthless, fun to use, vastly overpriced) and continues to evade concrete conclusions about its efficacy. And yet its job is important, which is to moisturize the delicate eye area, preventing premature aging. But even this very site is unsure about its immediate necessity—isn't eye cream just a moisturizer? In other words, can't you replace it with any old hydrating product (as long as it's gentle enough to use around the eyes) and essentially get the same effects?

But then, the evidence is still kind of inconclusive. Unlike any old moisturizer, eye cream does tend to have targeted effects (minimizing crow's feet, de-puffing, and the like). And a quick poll of our in-office team indicated that all of us do, in fact, use eye cream. So here I hand this discussion over to you. What do you have to say about eye cream? Say it below.

—Anna Jube

Photo by Tom Newton. Makeup by Katie Jane Hughes.