What’s Your Trick For Flyaways?


Flyaway hairs! Apparently Glossier HQ is swarming with them. When a question of how to tame them popped up in the office group chat yesterday, the replies clocked in by the dozens. And from every kind of hair type—straight hair, curly hair, you name it. Who knew that so many folks ‘round these parts would look like they’re grabbing a static electricity ball if it weren’t for a whole bunch of products?

For Ali Oshinsky, the editorial intern ITG is so lucky to employ, the key is to spray a fluffy toothbrush with hairspray and smooth things over. Glossier’s Brand Strategy Coordinator recommends brushing down little hairs with Christophe Robin’s balm. Other suggestions? Combing strays with a clear mascara or brow gel, Ouai’s Finishing Crème, Elnett, an elaborate blow dry routine, and also this really cool stick. But that’s just us.

What about you? Hair gel? Anti-frizz wipes? Bobby pins? Stand up for what you use to keep things down.

Photo via ITG