Natural Wine + Beauty Products


Welcome back to Unnecessary Pairings—the semi-regular column that matches your favorite beauty products with other, unrelated things because the editors of this site can only talk about beauty seriously for so long before they start going truly postal. Luckily today, we're happy to introduce you to someone new: Wenonah Echelard, Glossier's international marketing manager. She is both a natural beauty nut and a natural wine nut (no word on whether she is also a nut nut) so it only makes sense to have her take a swing at one of these. So as follows, how to get naturally drunk while naturally beautiful. Or something. Please Wenonah, save us from ourselves.

Is the natural wine trend just a phase? Probably. Is the clean beauty hype simply a fad? Maybe. Have I converted to following both with an obsessive devotion? Definitely.

I’ve done my fair share of wine-drinking in New York with my apartment being conveniently and dangerously located across from The Four Horsemen, a très cool restaurant that boasts the best selection of delicious and a little obscure natural wines in NYC. With native yeast fermentation and no pesticides or additives (besides a small bit of sulfur), natural wines claim to be purer expression of the terroir—plus, they’re rumored to give you less of a headache should you indulge in a few.

As for natural beauty, some might say I’m a clean-beauty poster child (others might just call me “granola”). Let me just say, since I eliminated everything from my vanity with an ingredient I can’t pronounce (save for Boy Brow), I've never felt more in control of my skin. Rashes and breakouts are now a thing of the past for my HYPER-sensitive complexion.

At this point, you might ask "Is she going to try to convince us coconut oil will save our souls?" No! I'm done. I promise. I have limits, too. But if you're at all interested in either pursuit, I encourage you to indulge. Try these pairings:

Pittnauer ‘Pitt-Nat Rosé’ + Kjaer Weis Cream Blush

Creamy, yet effervescent; feminine, fruity, and tart. I’m never not in the mood for a sparkling rosé, and could always use a little, delicate tinge of rouge. Kjaer Weis' creamy cheek colors go on so smooth, leaving you with that "just-had-the-most-delicious-glass-of-sparkling" kind of flush.

Cá de Noci ‘Querciole’ + Dr. Hauschka Eye Balm

Highly botanical. Like this tannic, almost kombucha-like dry orange wine, the texture is visceral. Dr. Hauschka's juicy eye balm, replete with carrot, calendula and apricot kernel oil, protects and soothes the delicate skin around your eyes, leaving your most precious part moisturized, firmed and fortified.

Pierre-Olivier Bonhomme ‘Telquel’ + Odacité Skin Perfecting Masque

Chalk, herbaceous, fresh mint, basil. A juicy red + a detox mask. Mmhmm, keep speaking my language. This powder mask goes on silky smooth, and dries to leave your skin feeling so fresh and so clean. It doesn't get better than this after a long flight or on a lazy—or is this productivity?—Saturday evening.

Bichi Winery ‘Místico’ + Ilia Lipstick in Wild Child

Fresh, broad minerality, and complex... Have you ever even heard of a red wine from Mexico? Me neither! If you're going to start with one, start here. With this lush and mega-moist lip tint, you're really going to start to feel the spice and effervescence of this complex red.

Léonine ‘Qué Pasa?’ + Josh Rosebrook Active Enzyme Exfoliator

Viscous, round, and musky. Pair this deep orange with a exfoliating mask: the potent fruits and herbal enzymes in these two will leave you calm and rejuvenated. While plant oils and honey restore and regenerate, finely ground walnut shells work to reveal new skin. Get ready to glow.

—Wenonah Echelard

Photo via ITG.